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 About Vision Partners 

Unlocking Radiology Excellence Together

At Vision Imaging Partners Inc., we're on a mission to strengthen the radiology service and supply industry. Based in the heart of Utah, our company was born with a vision – to unite independent radiology dealers nationwide, preserving their independence and integrity.


 Our Pledge: Empowering Independence 

🤝 Collective Strength: Join a community of like-minded radiology service and supply companies dedicated to common goals and strategies for a brighter future.

💼 Group Purchasing Power: Experience the benefits of collective purchasing with our cooperative, designed to save you money and offer quantity pricing.

📡 Seamless Communication: Stay connected through our expansive communications network, fostering collaboration and information sharing.

🌟 Quality and Savings: Gain access to both national brands and private labels, ensuring you provide your customers with the best, while reducing administrative costs.

🤝 National Exposure: Amplify your reach with our network, offering national exposure and opportunities to shine in the industry.

📅 Engagement and Rewards: Enjoy exclusive benefits such as annual meetings, sales contests, promotions, VIP rebates, and preferred terms within VIP contracts.

Vision Imaging Partners Inc. is your trusted partner, dedicated to empowering your business and preserving the excellence of radiology service and supply providers nationwide. Join us on this journey towards a brighter future.

 Interested in Joining? 

See what we offer and apply to become part of our growing nationwide network!


Radiology Service and Supply Network

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